Marseille on the bohemian side

The Cours Julien is "the Hipster District", the one that will allow you to shop while enjoying the peace and quiet! This district is the largest district in France dedicated to street art. Let yourself be seduced by the streets of this colourful area. It is a real neighbourhood spirit, an atmosphere that we appreciate, very atypical, especially when we come across the famous local markets: the market of the plain, the farmers' market, the creators' market, the organic market, etc.

The farmer's market is the best known and welcomes you on Wednesday mornings. It brings together about thirty local producers who sell fresh and quality products. Farmers must apply and ensure that their products are grown in an eco-friendly way.

The Plaine market fills the Place Jean Jaurès 4 days a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. On Wednesdays, it is dedicated only to flowers. You will also be able to discover the products of 300 merchants.

A lively district, a friendly atmosphere and 100% Marseille shopping. The Cours Julien is full of local creators, artists, second-hand clothing stores, second-hand shops, book shops and comic book stores. Don't hesitate to take a look around the small alleys of the neighbourhood, far from the big chains and the crowds of big shopping streets, with a glass of fresh fruit juice in your hand, found a few minutes earlier at the organic market.

Cours Julien combines shopping and relaxation in the square of Notre Dame du Mont, where many bars and restaurants are located. The streets between the Cours Julien and the Place Jean Jaurès are covered with graffiti that is really worth a visit!

A little gourmet break during your rendez-vous or with friends trip: some sun, peace and quiet, a small coffee or a typical dish in one of the restaurants, enough to recharge your batteries before exploring the alleys of the Phocaean city?

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