"Les Catalans" - beach a stone's throw from Marseille's city center.

It is THE most accessible beach when you are in the center of Marseille. It is not the most beautiful, nor the one with the most beautiful water, but it is 15 minutes walk from the Old Port and is ideal to go for a swim at any time of the day.

Feel free to pass over the water and the standing crowds on the shore to enjoy the deeper, less frequented and cleaner waters. Catalan beach is also known for its beach volleyball courts which attract players and spectators every day of the year. You can walk around watching the wild spots while sitting on the benches above.

Of course, the main advantage of this beach is also its worst flaw. Accessibility requires coming early in order to put down your towel. Don't expect tranquility, children and teenagers are as numerous as they are noisy, the youth bands that criss-cross the beaches in the summer have made it one of their essential stops. So do tourists and so many others. As a result, the animation is always guaranteed, the calm is impossible. But that's also Marseille, and the fact that a beach is in the tumultuous city center is already a good thing, for those who are looking for more, just go a little further on one of the other beaches in Marseille.

But the Catalan beach is also the ideal place to organize evenings on the beach. Who doesn't love picnics on the beach in summer, when the heat falls. You can also choose a restaurant on the beach to finish the evening in a bar or disco!

Swimming in Marseille is a real pleasure and, if you are a diving enthusiast, you will appreciate the many diving spots that the Phocaean City has to offer. Also think about renting boats to discover the surrounding creeks during your holidays or weekend in Marseille.