The Beaches of Porquerolles

The Porquerolles Island is the largest of the Hyères Islands, located not far from the Giens peninsula in the Port Cros National Park. Its long, crescent-shaped form reminds us of those heavenly islands lost in the tropics, yet we are in the south of France. It is the most inhabited and visited island of the Iles d'Or of the Gulf of Hyères and was declared a national park in 1971. It is 7 km long and 3 km wide. It can be reached by ferry from Hyères les Palmiers or by boat. It is a magical place with many faces. Its paradisiacal beaches, its picturesque village, its splendid landscapes, its vineyards... Porquerolles has everything to please you! To the south, a steep coast made of abrupt cliffs and where some creeks are hidden. While in the north, the landscape is like the Caribbean with its fine sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Porquerolles is a paradise on earth for those who love dream beaches.

Notre Dame Beach

This is probably the most beautiful beach in Porquerolles. By the way, did you know that it was recently voted the most beautiful beach in Europe? Despite this reputation, it remains less frequented than other beaches. Located some three kilometres from the port, it is accessible by foot in 45 minutes or by bicycle in 25 minutes.

The Silver Beach

It is about 1.5 kilometers from the village. You can get there in 5 minutes by bike. It has nothing to envy at Notre Dame beach. It has toilets, a first aid station and a restaurant. Its shallow waters make it the perfect place to take your children.

The Courtade beach

This is the busiest beach. Less than a kilometre from the village, it is easily accessible and is the largest on the island. Its white sand, turquoise sea and the smell of eucalyptus floating in the air will make you travel. Many shaded areas make it ideal for families with children. Be careful, however, on Mistral days, as it is not sufficiently sheltered.

The Le Langoustier beaches

Perfect in windy weather, they are sheltered from the wind and swell and offer you 2 totally unique settings. To the north, the beach is made of fine sand and to the south of black sand. The Le Langoustier beaches are 4 km from the village on one of the island's points. To get there, it will take 1h30 if you are on foot and about 40 minutes if you rent a bike.

The island's activities

Many activities are available on the island, starting with mountain bike rental. It is indeed recommended to ride around the island by bike with your children, friends, lovers. The setting is sumptuous, so it is the ideal solution to discover it in the most pleasant way possible. The car is not allowed to be used in Porquerolles. Diving and boating are also on the agenda. You can also rent jet skis, paddle boards or kayaks. In the center of the island, the Conservatoire Botanique National Méditerranéen de Porquerolles has carried out an inventory of the flora with the help of scientists and botanists. The visit is possible for groups, on request. The island is criss-crossed by 100 kilometers of paths. These trails and paths are based on the old paths built between the 16th and 19th centuries. In the end, the "pearl" of the Hyères islands promises you a day you will never forget. For those who want to prolong the pleasures, it is possible to rent a room in one of the hotels on the island.