Gaby Island, queen of the archipelago

If you walk around the Endoume district of Marseille, located below the Corniche, you can see the Les Pendus islet and the two islands that make up the Endoume archipelago. Just 300 metres from the coast, the Gaby Island is the most famous. It houses the Tourville Fort, built in 1703. It was initially used to strengthen the military power of the city of Marseille. In 1861, the fort was known for some development work that gave it the appearance we know today. For many years nicknamed "the island of festivals", it was abandoned before recently returning to its festive side.

An exceptional natural setting

Marseille, its creeks, its coast lined with islands.... What a refreshing and soothing panorama, ideal for a short sea trip! To satisfy your desire for discovery, the island has a natural well and a sea cave. Unveiling the Mediterranean depths, its changing waters are tinged with a deep blue or emerald green. While observing the surroundings, you will be able to see the Rocher des Pendus which overlooks the Anse Malmousque. The second island that makes up this archipelago is the island of Daume (or Doume), which gave its name to the Endoume district.

Did you know that?

After the modernization of military armaments, the fort lost its usefulness. When it was restructured, the army ceded the fort to a rich Marseille industrialist. André Laval acquired it and gave it to his wife, a famous Belle Époque artist, Liane Degaby. In the 1920s, through looting and vandalism, the fort was abandoned. Subsequently, the owners were as numerous as the investors' projects. It is finally in 2001 that the island was bought back to become a sumptuous place for receptions and seminars.