The must-see places

It is impossible to visit France without discovering the unmissable places that make the charm of Marseille so special.

Among the most famous places, we will of course tell you about the Bonne-Mère, the Corniche and the magnificent archipelagos along the coast. According to your preferences, you can orient your itinerary towards your interests and devote your time to the visits that you want.
If you are looking for a city itinerary, we advise you to stroll around the Old Port or around the Place aux huiles, a very pleasant and constantly lively place.
Nature lovers can stroll through Parc Borély and its garden, where you can recharge your batteries far from the city's cacophony, or stroll through the streets of the Roucas Blanc district and climb the stairs that lead to the city's heights.
On the sea side, we recommend a walk in the Calanques: the Goudes district is famous for its spectacular panorama.
History lovers can also visit the famous castle of If, in the Friuli archipelago, or have a drink at Cours Julien and discover the famous artists' district.

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Adapt your visits to the time you have available

Marseille is a large city, offering many historical sites and walking trails. To be able to explore the city and visit the most interesting cultural points, we advise you to define your itinerary according to the time you spend in Marseille, and your preferences.
If you are visiting for a day, we recommend that you centralize your visits and opt for a relatively short itinerary. You can start from Pointe Rouge or Anse de Maldorme and walk to the beaches of Prado for a drink, or a meal, facing the sea. Depending on the itinerary chosen to enter the city centre, you can cross different neighbourhoods with their own originality.
If you have several days ahead of you, you can extend the scope of your walks and explore the surroundings of Marseille, discover its magnificent panoramas and the pretty cities of La Ciotat or Bandol.
If you are planning a week's holiday, we advise you to alternate land and sea side visits to enjoy the diversity of the landscapes. Take a boat trip around the various archipelagos off the coast, visit the forts and observe the protected animal species living on the islands.

City hikes for all profiles

It is essential to determine your possibilities before choosing your itinerary and to adapt it to your abilities in order to make the most of your stay.

Are you going with your family? Why not take a walk in the Parc Longchamps, admire the splendid neo-Gothic architecture of the Les Réformés Church overlooking the Canebière or observe the fountain of the Danaïdes? Study your route before leaving, the long walks in the alleys of the city are not necessarily easy for the little ones to follow. The petit train that leaves from the Old Port allows you to discover all the city's must-see places and drop you off at Notre-Dame de la Garde.

For a more relaxing stay, as a couple or with friends, why not visit Marseille before going hiking in the surroundings? You can spend a relaxing moment at the Lake of Peyrolle, which offers many water sports activities, very enjoyable on summer days.

More intense routes are available, allowing you to combine coastal walks with city walks. From  the calanques to historic monuments, parks and works of art scattered throughout Marseille (the fountain of the Danaïdes, the Castellane fountain...), discover all the city's treasures.