La Pointe Rouge

Just after the Prado seaside park is the Pointe Rouge Beach. Near the small port of the same name, which offers many water sports such as sailing, diving, rowing, kayaking, is the beach.
It is the largest beach in Marseille, made up of sand, it is protected from the winds and welcomes a popular family audience. On the edge are many restaurants, bars, pubs that provide food and atmosphere. In summer, swimming is also supervised.

Be careful in summer, the place is very busy.

La Verrerie Beach, Colombet Beach, L'Abri Côtier, Le Bain des Dames

Between the Anse des Sablettes and the La Madrague Port is La Verrerie Beach. A small sandy beach with its sheds, some of which are even equipped with water and electricity! Many families rent theirs for the summer and when the evening falls, the swimmers are replaced by barbecues and other improvised picnics by the water's edge. Be careful, the beach is small and quickly becomes overcrowded. It is very difficult to park there even if a small car park exists.

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