Port-Pin: wild and preserved cove

The Calanque de Port-Pin is in Marseille and not in Cassis, as many people think. It is located more precisely in the Vaufrèges district and is part of the Calanques National Park. Located between the creeks of Port-Miou and En-Vau, it is very popular with tourists and you will quickly understand why.

First of all, it is very easy to get there: we advise you to park in the parking lot of the peninsula in Cassis which, besides its proximity to the trailhead, is also close to bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a good meal after your walk. In 20 minutes' walk, you can access to this little paradise. To get there, you will have to start from the nearby Calanque de Port Miou and follow the path Le Chemin des Douaniers through the old Port-Miou quarry. The road is easy, without any difficulties. Be careful, however, because the descent to the beach is made on pebbles made slippery by the repeated crossings of visitors. It is therefore a good idea to exchange your pair of flip-flops for sneakers. At the end of the trail, the pines gradually leave room for a splendid turquoise water.

Unlike other creeks, Port Pin is not very steep and very wooded, which gives it freshness, very pleasant in summer and prevents it from being exposed to the wind. It owes its name to the Aleppo pines that cover the cliff faces overlooking it on both sides. Its sandy and pebble beach is a real invitation for swimming and diving. Yes, it is quite narrow with its 40 meters width and it is also slightly sloping, which will delight families with children.

Be careful however to remain vigilant because this beach is not supervised. You can also go there by sea by renting a canoe or kayak in Cassis. Despite the many visitors it receives each year, Port-Pin has managed to preserve its wild side. It is one of the most beautiful creeks in Marseille and one of the easiest to access.