Les Goudes

"Go throw yourself into Les Goudes" is what we say in Marseille. This is to say the feeling of the end of the world that emerges from this mythical place in the Phocaean city. This district of the 8th arrondissement of Marseille offers a spectacular and authentic setting close to the Calanques. A small traditional port that still shelters some fishermen, the place is crowded during the summer to the point that traffic is difficult and parking is a headache. However, for those who have been able to do it early enough, it is worth it.
In addition to the picturesque setting and breathtaking panorama, many bars and restaurants welcome visitors to this unique place. The hill has remains of fortifications from the World War II, and a breathtaking view of the bay of Marseille, the Île Maire and the Riou archipelago. Les Goudes is both the gateway to the Calanques and the starting point for hikers towards the Massif. But also a paradise for swimmers, fishermen, divers, magnificent landscapes lovers... In short, almost everyone. Only the flow of tourists and walkers seems to be able to disturb the legendary tranquility of this small Marseilles port on the other side of the world.
In Les Goudes, you can swim almost anywhere. Depending on everyone's inspiration and possibilities, a piece of rock becomes an ephemeral beach. But for the more cautious, a very small beach is located below at the entrance of the village. Access is by stairs.

Samena Calanque

Just before reaching Les Goudes, a small path turns to the right allowing access to the Calanque de Saména. Well known and appreciated by the people of Marseille, this place offers a haven of tranquility to all those who want to avoid the crowded beaches. It is also a place where many nudists meet. Indeed, the crevices of the rocks and the rugged relief offer natural shelters for naturists in relative discretion.
A small pebble beach is located below the bar-restaurant terrace. The beach is not supervised and swimming can sometimes be very difficult on the adjoining rocks. Be careful before entering the water to anticipate how to get out and be wary of the water, which can be cold! Nevertheless, the location is one of the most beautiful in Marseille. What a pleasure to taste the freshness of the terrace after a day on the beach. The view from this one at sunset is simply sumptuous.

The Baie des Singes Beach

In Les Goudes, facing Île Maire, there is the magnificent Baie des Singes. The ultimate border of Marseille, the end of the world. Sheltered from the high seas by a seawall, the water is certainly always cooler but the setting is always sumptuous. And even the most jaded of the inhabitants of Marseilles does not get tired of it.
Small in size, often crowded in summer, it is nevertheless pleasant. Especially during the week, because the weekend is almost impossible to get there. The setting is magnificent and well preserved with this white rock typical of the Massif des Calanques, the island of Maire facing it completes this impressive picture.
A little further down the bay is a restaurant with a beautiful private beach.

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