Marseille: a real seaside resort

It is impossible to mention Marseille, France without mentioning the sea and the sunny days in a water as blue as the Mediterranean sky. Marseille is not a beach city like other spots on the French Riviera.

What makes it famous are its calanques and all the small places, known only to Marseilles residents, that are open to visitors who are prepared to explore new and unused paths. In the end, between the sandy beaches and the rocks, there is enough to go into one of the 15 public monitored beaches.

Where should I plant my parasol?

The Marseille coast extends from south to north, alternating sandy, gravel or rocky beaches.

To the south, the famous Calanques massif with its treasures such as Morgiou, Sormiou, Sugiton... Not to mention the very pleasant seaside park of the Prado with its 2 kilometres of beaches. The city centre is not to be outdone and offers to get lost in the maze of its alleys to sometimes find a small isolated cove towards Endoume, or see a sandy beach in the heart of the city with the Catalans. The industrial north is less attractive for swimming but still offers some nice spots on the Estaque side.

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