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The Prado Beaches

Created in the 1970s to develop the untapped kilometers of coastline, the Prado Beaches are now a must-see for many people from Marseille and tourists. The subway construction at the time produced the necessary embankment for the 22 hectares of land taken from the sea. Finally, the Prado seaside park covers 26 hectares and 3.5 kilometers of coastline and is visited by more than 3.5 million visitors per year.
It is the largest beach in Marseille, even if it is more like a succession of beaches over miles between the David beach (so named because of the eponymous statue), at the Vieille Chapelle beach. Each corner attracts a more or less different audience, but the main part is made up of regulars, families, and younger people.

The vast lawns that surround the sea are a paradise for soccer lovers, from children to adults, delighted to be able to enjoy a vast green space just a stone's throw from the sea. Be careful, because the place is crowded in the summer, being the easiest to access by transport. But it is possible to find some places quieter than others. Feel free to take a walk before you put down your towel for the day. The Skatepark or Bowl is recognized throughout the world, and boarders come here on pilgrimage.

How to access?

By bus
Bus 19 from the "Rond Point du Prado", or Bus 83 from the Old Port (Prado nord stop only).
By car
Direction "Prado", direction "Les plages". To come by car, paid car parks are located all along the beaches.

Marseille Tourisme recommends you:

Prado Nord, Prado Sud, Anse de Bonneveine, La Vieille Chapelle, La Plage Borely, La Plage de l'Huveaune

The old Roucas Blanc beach is the first when you arrive by the Corniche and before the statue of David. Like its "little sister" it has everything you need for relaxation and leisure while being supervised and provided with sanitary facilities.
It is a gravel beach that attracts many families in the morning and a younger audience in the afternoon. It is not uncommon for sporting events to take place on the adjoining lawns.

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