The Baie des Singes

Monkeys in Provence? If the idyllic alcove is called Baie des Singes (Monkeys Bay), it is because it was a place for contraband where children had to be quiet as monkeys. The panorama is lunar. The feel, chalky. The taste, fishy, if you stop at the (expensive) restaurant in Baie des Singes.

The Baie des Singes Beach

The beach with its sheds is located in Les Goudes in front of Île Maïre, the vertiginous tortured rock at the entrance to the bay of the Phocaean city. The people of Marseilles have given it the dreamy nickname of "beach at the end of the world". It is indeed difficult to access. The strike is narrow. The swimmers who have had the courage to come this far are concentrating on it, especially on weekends. Around you: white rocks, characteristic of the Calanques massif.

Doing via cordata

A Via cordata route is also. The vertical hike will allow you to access air and wild passages. The +8 year olds will be able to climb on the rocks. 100 m of zip line (optional) will give you the thrill of the descent and panorama. The activity lasts 2 hours. The difficulty level is 2.


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