Marseille's cycle paths:

Marseille is not very pleasant for cyclists but reserves some cycle paths in the south of the city. Go and enjoy the paths of Avenue du Prado, Pierre Mendès, Promenade Georges Pompidou and Boulevard Michelet, Chemin du Roy d'Espagne, Pointe Rouge... From Rue du Prado join Parc Borély and walk through its gardens!


Bicycle rental kiosks


The map of the terminals:

Marseille has 130 stations that include 1000 velocipeds. Go on the map of self-service bicycle terminals at

You can also rent bicycles at EasyMove and E.Bike Tours Marseille (electric).

Subscribe and take a bike:

24/7, you can go on the back of a bicycle as long as you have a subscriber card! Once you have purchased on

(€5 per year, €1 per week), go and swipe your card at the terminal reader or slide your ticket into the slot. Identify yourself with your personal code. Click on "Remove a bike" and choose your frame. Go unlock it and get on the track! The first half hour is free and then count 1€ per hour.


Return the bike:

To return the bike, go to one of the "Le Vélo" terminals. Engage it on a attachment point and check that the light point on the attachment point lights up.

For more information, visit