The Roucas Blanc: residential area in the 7th district of Marseille

A little history....

Literally translated as "the white rock", the Roucas Blanc district owes its name to the rock on which it was built. Bordered by the chemin du roucas blanc, it extends from the Endoume district to the Corniche. We find there the former secondary houses of the rich families of Marseille which give the district a very bourgeois character. Its notoriety comes from the 19th century, when the public utility of its hot water spring was recognized. A thermal spa was created, with treatment areas, baths and freshwater pools. Restaurants with panoramic terraces and luxury hotels have also settled in Roucas Blanc. Today, there is the famous Sofitel Palm-Beach hotel, which has preserved the hot water fountain that has made the district famous.

A walk between land and sea

Located in the 7th arrondissement of Marseille, between the Old Port and Notre-Dame de la Garde, the residential district of Roucas Blanc in Marseille offers you exceptional views. As you walk along its narrow streets, you will discover many stairs that will take you to the heights, revealing sumptuous landscapes: Notre-Dame de la Garde perched on its hill, the Corniche district, the various islands, their forts and castles, and the sea as far as the eye can see. A soothing stroll allowing you to recharge your batteries far from the hustle and bustle of the city, while discovering the richness of Marseille's cultural heritage. While walking, you will be able to see the Talabot castle which is distinguished in the landscape by its copper red hues. Don't forget to sit on the terrace to have a drink and contemplate the landscape before swimming in the waters of the Roucas Blanc beach.