As its name suggests, this park was built to celebrate the 2600 years of history of the Phocaean city. These 26 centuries are symbolized by 26 redwoods (out of 1500 trees). The Parc du 26ème centenaire was inaugurated on June 23rd, 2001 by Jean-Paul Gaudin.

A green touch in the middle of the city

It is the perfect place to take a walk in Marseille but it is also a children's park. It differs from the other gardens of Marseille because it is located in the 8th arrondissement, on the site of the former Prado station. This small corner of nature in the city is located near Place Castellane. Some parts of the train station can still be seen: the roof, the train stops or the rails in the center of the park, which today serve as a pool with fountains. The landscaped park has a 3000 m² lake, while a viewpoint offers a view on the Bonne Mère.

In other words, if you want to run in Marseille, put on your best sneakers and explore the paths of this park.

The 26th Centenary Park - a unique park in Marseille

This 10 hectare area of natural beauty will offer you four thematic gardens (oriental, African, Asian and Provençal) as well as a "tree of hope" to express Marseille's cultural mix.

The tree of hope is a symbol of humanity and brotherhood. Moreover, before the park opened, the people of Marseille had the opportunity to make a request to have their names mentioned at the base of the tree. In total, ten hectares of gardens in the heart of a city center. The park's composition is very contemporary but still tries to establish a link with the history of Marseille.

A landscaped park

For petanque lovers, two playgrounds have been set up. And children are not forgotten and have dedicated games areas!

Finally, also consider renting bicycles or why not, for the bravest, renting a segway! You can discover the park in a different way by taking advantage of the bicycle paths. The city also offers you Vélib Marseille, perfect for transportation while preserving the environment!


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