The Parc Pastré

On the southern borders of the city, Pastré is a magnificent park which extends as far as the hills of Marseilleveyre. One hundred and twelve hectares of greenery with a magnificent 19th century Provençal bastide built during the Second Empire. Located between Pointe Rouge and Grotte Roland, Parc Pastré is also a gateway for hiking in the calanques. For many people in Marseille, it is the "end of the world", as the place is far from the city center and very exotic. It is also one of the most beautiful gardens in Marseille. Between the sea, hills, huge gardens, streams, lakes, ponds... The park conceals many surprises that are a delight for children, but also for the grown-ups.

Whether you are with your family, with your lover or with the goal of playing a soccer with your friends, Pastré is the ideal destination. Far from any hustle and bustle, enjoy a trip to a natural setting as beautiful as rare in Marseille. It is even pleasant on hot days! And yes, even in the middle of a hot summer day, you can find some coolness in Pastré. For the athletes, there is a fitness trail, a tree line, games for children and even a riding school. And it is of course a very popular place to stroll in Marseille.

It is easy to understand why this 112-hectare corner of nature in the city is so popular! The lower part is designed as gardens, around its 900-metre driveway. A water garden has been created to pay tribute to the arrival of water 100 years ago thanks to the Marseille Canal. The upper part has remained wilder and extends towards the hills and towards the calanques. At the heart of the parc stands the Château Pastré, built in 1862, an elegant Provençal bastide. For more than a century, the property was at the center of Marseille's cultural and social life, welcoming many artists. The Countess Pastré, protector of many artists and arts, has been living in the "Villa provençale" (which today serves as an official reception and accommodation for distinguished guests), which became a mecca for cultural life. During the war, it housed many artists who made refuge there, as well as Jews fleeing persecution.

Owned by the City since the 1960s, Pastré is now a huge public park, a pride for all Marseille residents, and an enchantment for all visitors who come to take a walk there.

Given the size of the Parc Pastré, Marseille Tourisme advises you to rent a bike or a Velib Marseille. Even funnier, segway rental is an experience that will delight the whole family.