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In the Côtes du Rhône, the city is located at the junction of the roads leading to the north, Spain and Italy. Ideally located in an agricultural region, it has a sunny weather ideal for its prestigious wines to flourish. It is a city whose current history blends with its past and whose Gallo-Roman remains can still be seen today in this typical Provençal city.

History of the Cité des Princes

A lively city with a generous terroir, Orange is proud of its prestigious past. In the antiquity, it was a powerful relay of Roman culture. The triumphal arch under which the Via Agrippa passes from Lugdunum was erected in honor of the city's founders in 35 BC: the veterans of Legio II Gallica, then dedicated to the Emperor Tiberius. The city erected an enclosure to protect itself from invasions, protecting nearly 70 hectares.

The city became a principality in 1150, after its liberation from the Saracens by William of Orange. The Black Death struck Orange in 1348 and decimated half its population.

In 1703, Louis XIV took over the city, which became part of France 10 years later.

Orange is a Roman city that has two remarkable sites of this significant heritage: the ancient theater and the triumphal arch, both of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Did you know that the ancient theater is the only one in the world to have kept its stage wall and its roof? However, it is now protected by a huge roof to protect it from the elements and the ravages of time!

The Saint-Eutrope hill is one of the city's highest points with an altitude of 105 meters. You can also visit the remains of the former castle of the Princes of Orange.  

In short, you can understand that history lovers and visitors will be amazed by the monuments and vestiges of history that are embedded in the stones of this ancient city.


Orange is a real treasure for lovers of ancient history. The Museum of Art and History offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in it through the exhibition of Roman remains from archaeological excavations. Orange is also a major wine producer in France. Since Roman times, Côtes du Rhône wines have been recognised, as have the Châteauneuf du Pape vineyards since the 14th century. Orange is a city with a lot of cultural activities: there are many festivals, including the famous lyrical festival of the Choregies.

Enjoy the Provençal atmosphere of the narrow streets of the city center. You will enjoy strolling through the small old squares while admiring the renovated facades.

Stay in Orange

If you have planned a holiday in Provence, stop in the city of Orange. With its strong heritage, you can spend a day immersing yourself in its past, full of history and admire its amphitheater. And what could be better for your stay than relaxing near the most beautiful villages of Provence? For your holiday rental, why not opt for a holiday home with a swimming pool, a quiet holiday residence, a hotel apartment or a hotel room in Orange?