Published on March 14, 2019 by Marseille Tourisme

Do you have a few days off and plan to spend them in Provence? Marseille Toursime gives you every reason NOT to go to the Phocaean City!

I heard that Marseille is charming

But it isn't, there are blocks as far as the eyes can see

Les Goudes

Beaches are disgusting

The sea is full of garbage

And the coves have NOTHING to offer

The city has no History

Seriously, that's just awful

Even the palaces are lame

And if you were expecting something about the food... don't waste your time

Culturally speaking, it's a shame

There is nothing to see

Let me tell you that Marseille is a dangerous city

The Old Port is devoid of interest

And Notre Dame de la Garde looks cheap

Landscapes are boring

Could you find more generic?

Ok so, stay home

It's the best you can do