Provençal cuisine has delighted the palates of young and old for generations and has become part of the heritage of French gastronomy. We are honoring these regional specialities that the world envies us... On the menu: olive oil, sun-filled vegetables and inimitable flavours!


It is THE essential dish of Marseille culture. Emblematic of Mediterranean cuisine, it consists of a fresh fish stew often accompanied by garlic bread. Each Marseille resident likes to claim that the real recipe for bouillabaisse was inherited from his grandmother and refuses to share this family secret....


It is well known that real Provençal people spread a good dose of aioli on all of their dishes. According to the purists, this sauce should only contain a few cloves of garlic and a splash of olive oil. The famous poet Frederic Mistral said that, in addition to its taste, which transmits "all the joy of the sun of Provence", the strong smell of the aioli can also chase away flies... We let you test it for yourselves!

Pistou Soup

All the summer vegetables of our beautiful region are gathered in this traditional soup. However, what makes this sunny specialty so original is the pistou, a combination of basil, olive oil and garlic, which adds an inimitable taste to the preparation. A healthier and more dietetic variant than the pesto pasta of our Italian friends!


If Disney's famous film has decided to put this (even more) famous dish from our region in its story, there is a reason! To cook it, nothing could be easier: vegetables grown on our sunny lands and a little olive oil. The taste, however, will remind everyone of the sweetness of childhood and family dinners to enjoy the mild weather of the South of France. In short, a simple dish that many other regions envy us...


Provençal cuisine can also bring a delicate touch of sweetness to your palates. Marseille specialities, the navettes are traditionally prepared for Candlemas instead of crêpes. According to the legend, the unique shape of this biscuit comes from the boat that brought the Holy Marys to Provence. To taste them, go around the Abbey Saint-Victor, it is here that the original recipe was born!


Pastis, synonymous with aperitifs throughout France and a symbol of the south of France! On the terrace or after a game of petanque, any occasion is good to enjoy it. Its aniseed flavour has often been imitated but never quite equalled.


Another Provençal star, the tapenade makes its entrance! Prepared with olives, capers, anchovies and garlic, it is used in many Mediterranean dishes. However, it is sufficient on its own and you can simply spread it on toast for the aperitif. A delight!

Chichi Frégi

Often mistaken for churros, this sweet doughnut is eaten exclusively in the streets of Marseille. It takes its name from its shape, which may suggest a male sex, "chichi" in Provençal. At l'Estaque, each doughnut merchant claims to be the one who invented the original recipe of the chichi frégi.

Côtes-de-Provence Wine

What would French cuisine be like without a good wine to match a meal concocted with care? The South is no exception to this tradition with its Côtes de Provence. Rosé wine is often enjoyed in summer and provides an alternative to pastis during the traditional aperitif. The Côtes-de-Provence also offer a gourmet dinner, with no less than 18 Classified Wines.


Provençal bread often topped with onions, olives, anchovies and bacon, fougasse is one of the essential ingredients of Provençal cuisine. Originally it was used to help the baker check the temperature of his oven, but today its popularity is such that it can be found in all bakeries.

Of course, we could also mention the pissaladière, the Provençal andouillette, the bohémienne, the panisse, the allouette, the Provençal Daube... And so many other dishes that drive other regions crazy with envy!