Published on April 25, 2019 by Audrey Passini

Marseille is full of secret places, all more unusual than the other! Do you know all the secrets of this French city? Are you ready to discover the most unusual and secret places in Marseille? Let's go, we're not going to keep you waiting any longer to reveal our well-kept secrets.

1 - The Street Art district in Cours Julien

This is the arty district of Marseille! Between alleys decorated with artists' graffiti and small shops with a bobo/vintage look, you will stroll through the Marseille artists' district. A small, different corner, located in the center of Marseille.

2 - The Old Port Fish Market

It is the daily event from 8am to 1pm on the old port, Quai de la Fraternité. Both local and tourists gather there to buy fresh fish, caught at night around Marseille. A delightful taste but also visual with the gleams of sunrise over the Old Port.

3 - The Aygalades waterfalls

It is a small corner of paradise, not far from Marseille. Ideal for a walk in nature, visitors can also choose to refresh themselves to the rhythm of the waterfalls. Nearly 2000 m2 of greenery are available to you. The highlight of the show: the large 9m high waterfall. The Cité des Arts, owner of the land, has recently opened the site for visitors. Come join us!

4 - La Commanderie  

An unusual placefor the Olympique de Marseille's fans, La Commanderie is none other than the OM's training and education centre. Renamed "Centre d'entrainement Robert-Louis-Dreyfus", the 40,000 m2 infrastructure is open to you upon prior registration to attend the public training sessions of the legendary team. Best football team ever!

5 - The longest bench in the world: La Corniche 

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy's Corniche is one of the most famous landmarks in Marseille along the Mediterranean Sea, La Corniche offers a magnificent panoramic view, sitting on the longest bench in the world, which is no less than 5 kilometres long, the total length of the road.

6 - Le Vallon des Auffes  

Le vallon des Auffes is a small port hidden and loved by locals, enjoy this slice of paradise not far from the Old Port. Nestled between two cliffs, discover its small fishing port, with its sheds and its charming colourful houses. You must enjoy a small glass of rosé wine facing the sunset.

7 - The Pastis factory

Cristal Liminana is the last pastis factory located in Marseille. For an afternoon in the city go behind the scenes of the manufacturing of the most famous drink in the South of France.

8 - Parc Borély's  Japanese garden

It is a small secret corner and a guaranteed change of scenery in the heart of the Parc Borély botanical garden. 

9 - La Friche Belle de Mai 

This Marseille cultural centre brings together performance and exhibition halls, combining several artistic genres: theatre, dance, music, art, radio... To all partygoers: Don't miss going to the roof of the Belle de Mai Wasteland during the summer, deckchairs and music available on site!

10 - Nap bar

Siest'in is a siesta bar that recently opened in the 6th arrondissement of Marseille. You can eat on site and then choose to finish with a nap in one of their 6 cabins provided for this purpose. The perfect place to take a little union break.

11 - Pétanque in the old town : La Maison de la Boule  

Do you want to discover petanque or try a little game? By going to the blue house in Le Panier you'll discover its museum dedicated to Marseille's local sports! Meet the petanque and take advantage of the field provided for you to practice. So do you shoot or point?

12 - Le tunnel Benedit

Not far from the Belle de Mai wasteland, discover the "tunnel of a 1000 signs". The exhibition space of the artist Frederic Clavière, this one covers the vaults of the tunnel with funny and iconic images. A tunnel has never been so beautiful!

13 - The King of Spain's pyramid

Built in 1809 by Dominique Bastide, the 6-metre-high pyramid of the rich Marseille merchant is the only vestige of his original property. Now abandoned, you can always come and discover it: meet us in the 8th arrondissement of Marseille!

14 - The secret bar in Marseille

The Carry Nation is a totally exceptional cocktail bar located in Marseille. The concept takes you back to the 1920s, and the prohibition era. Step into the speakeasy atmosphere of the time, with subdued lighting and theme evenings on the programme. Break the law and book your evening so you can find out the address of this hidden bar.

15 - Les Docks Village

It is a shopping centre located in the Joliette district. The little something extra: the decorations and architecture of the buildings. Come and stroll between restaurants and particular shops. Open from 10am to 7pm.