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Marseilletourisme.fr is a reference site for tourists on holiday in Marseille. But beyond that, it also concerns the locals because who is more loyal than them to attend Marseille events?

With 4 million visits to our site planned for 2019, including 1 million visits concentrated just in August, we know that our directory will be able to provide you with quality referencing and high visibility.

As restaurateurs, competition in the Phocean city is strong and everyone wants to make a name for themselves. Google SEO eliminates some of you and gives way only to the privileged ones. Our objective is to counter this phenomenon and allow everyone to be listed on the same scale in our directory. You will gain great visibility and our users will now have a wide choice in their restaurant search. We want to keep the heart of Marseille beating at the rhythm of your business in order to free up your time for your customers while we become the pioneers of your communication.

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How it all works

Our goal is to keep on innovating and improving until we can offer you as complete a service as possible, both for professionals and end users of our site, and in the near future, our mobile applications. As you can imagine, this constant innovation and development of our projects involves a certain financial cost. Today we wish to position ourselves as your partner in this desire to make Marseille and its tourism live in the most intuitive way possible. Thus, in the form of the famous "give-and-take", you invest, we help you grow and develop your restaurant and your customers. This financial investment is fully repaid in the development of our projects. You help us, we help you and together we will try to go even further in the achievement of our respective projects!

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Description of the offer

The Resto offer is an offer entirely dedicated to restaurants (and soon, more broadly, to the hotel/catering industry). We have thought and rethought our project in relation to you, in order to offer you an ever more relevant communication adapted to your needs!

Thanks to this offer, you are directly referenced on marseilletourisme.fr and you are present on our interactive maps. Our restaurants also appear according to the time and weather. For example, around 11 in the morning, we will highlight restaurants offering lunches, and/or daily lunch specials that have been sent in.

With the Resto offer you can pay monthly or annually. And when you open our directory, you benefit from -50% off your annual subscription.

The price of this dream subscription is 30€/month (excluding VAT), or you can choose to get 2 months for free and pay only 300€ per year!

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The restaurant offer allows you to fill in the following crucial information:

  • The logo of your restaurant.
  • Your street address and telephone number in order to allow simplified and quick bookings.
  • Your website and social networks to allow our users to be an integral part of your community and eventually become your future customers.
  • Your schedules to avoid any possible frustration.
  • A visualization of your restaurant on our interactive map directly integrated in your restaurant file.
  • A description of the services you offer such as Wifi, access for people with reduced mobility or even the existence of a car park, for example.
  • The possibility of adding an ambient image and a photo gallery that can give a taste of the atmosphere in your restaurant and the different dishes it can offer, for example.
  • The description of your restaurant in a few words: what you propose as dishes, as specialities...
  • The possibility to select your main category as well as two other categories in order to better specify to the user what type of restaurant you are.

The restaurant offer also includes many modules:

  • The ability to respond to users' opinions and also to classify them according to your desires and preferences.
  • Users can choose to follow your restaurant with the " Like " system.
  • Your restaurant file gives you statistics such as the number of visits, the number of opinions and the number of people who have followed your restaurant.
  • You can create events directly from our interface.
  • The diffusion of your events directly on your restaurant page but also in the "Agenda" market place of marseilletourisme.fr
  • The creation of discount coupons (amount on the bill or discount percentage) with the possibility of choosing a start date and an end date. In the future we will also offer you the possibility to offer directly a product such as a coffee offered for the purchase of a menu at lunch for example.
  • The distribution of this discount coupon on your restaurant card but also on our " Best deal " marketplace at marseilletourisme.fr
  • We create weekly newsletters for you that include your current offers and news. These newsletters are sent directly to the users who follow you so that they don't miss anything about your activity.
  • We provide you with the news module that allows you to create a form of website in our site marseilletourisme.fr. This module allows you to write articles on your news feed.
  • You have the job offer extension that allows you to recruit a new employee.
  • Your job offer is published on your restaurant file as well as on the "Job offers" marketplace of marseilletourisme.fr
  • The dish of the day module is available, also from your SmartPhone. This offers you the possibility, under the condition that you communicate your daily special before 11am every day, to fill in your daily special (or the special you wish to promote) in order to attract users more easily. You can also enter the price of your formula.
  • You benefit from the distribution of your "dish of the day" formula on your restaurant card as well as on the " Dish of the day " market place of Marseilletourisme.fr
  • You can send daily newsletters to subscribers of your restaurant listing in the directory. These newsletters present your dish of the day in order to allow quick bookings.

We have also thought about what could satisfy you even more, so coming soon:

  • Your page in multilingual (English) and automatically translated for all foreign tourists.
  • Presence of your restaurant on the map location of marseilletourisme.fr. The objective is to map your restaurant to the page that corresponds most to it. For example, if your restaurant is located in the Old Port, it will appear on the map on the Old Port page.
  • Your establishment appears in the marseilletourisme.fr sidebar
  • The menu of your restaurant can be filled in your restaurant file in order to make your page more attractive and leave no surprises to the user.

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Still not convinced, discover our Mèso and Mousto offers  if you want to try them, you can always purchase the restaurant offer with a single click!

If you are an association, we care about you, contact us quickly, we have a special offer for you!