What is the MarseilleTourisme.fr directory?

People talk to you about a directory and you inevitably think of that old book full of dust, opened once a year, in which you have a hard time finding the information you are looking for? And if you were told that we had made it a brand new, intelligent and intuitive tool, modified both in content and form, do you believe us?

Why is choosing the MarseilleTourisme.fr Directory the best choice for you?

Today, clustering and mobile are the key words for SMEs and VSEs. We are fully aware of this and wish to make these same companies the actors of the city of tomorrow, for a sustainable future within their core business. If it is increasingly difficult for medium-sized and very small companies to be visible on the Internet against competitors who monopolize the first Google pages, our tool will be, for them, the way to reconnect with our friend Google, and thus increase their notoriety, without even worrying about it! Incredible, isn't it?

Today, we wish to offer merchants, craftsmen, tourism professionals and restaurants the opportunity to be present on brand new marketplaces through the creation of specialized directories. Thanks to a central database, we can extract a lot of information and feed it back through a cross-reference of data such as location, weather, time, and so much more. Taking into account the geographical location of the user, for example the Old Port, we are able to display all partner restaurants listed in the directory within a 500m radius on a sidebar. To continue on the example of the Old Port, when visiting the page linked to the place, the user will be displayed the corresponding information. Also, these "blocks" will highlight an establishment, a brand, a service or a product, available for sale online.

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The advantages of subscribing to the MarseilleTourisme.fr Directory

The MarseilleTourisme.fr Directory adventure is made for you, for us, for everyone. Our goal? To give you the time you need to take care of your customers, when we, on the other hand, focus on your communication. But then, what does a listing in our reference directory of Marseille and its surroundings bring you, in a few words?

  • An inexpensive but strong support for its success in your communication
  • Increasing your visibility through our 4 million visits*
  • Our community on different social networks to serve your image
  • Highlighting your current promotions via newsletters created for you
  • The development of your notoriety with the creation of a real community of "fans".
  •  Winning new customers and increasing your turnover
  • Monitoring your online statistics once you have registered in the MarseilleTourisme.fr directory, you take part in a community adventure to revitalize, together, the city centre of our beautiful Phocaean City.

Sharing your events, good tips, job offers, daily specials or specials, flagship products, and so much more will be allowed. We offer you more than just sharing information, it will be organized in a real mini-site at the heart of our site. This will increase your popularity and offer you qualitative communication at a lower cost!

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Custom-made formulas, adapted to your needs

We have thought of everything, and especially of you. We are aware that the different professional activities do not have the same communication needs, so it was essential for us to offer you subscriptions that match your real needs, without unnecessary surpluses, but without forgetting the essentials without which a specific communication would be ineffective. Also, there are four options available to you, with different options that will satisfy you!

- Aubèto Offer :

  • Display your company information (logo, banner image, schedules, description, address, telephone)
  • Basic statistics (click on card, opinions)
  • Contact form
  •  Pay as you go advertising (boost of your establishment file + increase at the top of the list on categories)
  • Multilingual (coming soon)

- Mèso Offer - 20€/month or 200€ per year (2 months free) / Includes all services of the Aubèto offer, plus :

  • Possibility for users to follow your file
  • Statistics (follow-up of people who "like" your establishment)
  • Interactive map display
  • Company website + social networks
  • Service display
  • Photo gallery
  • Multi-categories (inlusion of your file on 2 categories in the directory)
  • Event creation extension
  • On-site display of the "agenda" market
  • "Good deals" module (creation of discount coupons)
  • Posting on the  "good deals" marketplace.
  • Presence on marseilletourisme.fr interactive maps (coming soon)
  • Newsletters to your weekly subscribers

- Mousto Offer - 30€/month or 300€ per year (2 months free) / Includes all services of the Mèso offer, plus:

  • Access to 3 categories
  • News module
  • Easily purchase sponsored content (boost your article)
  • "Job offers" module
  • Posting on a dedicated marketplace
  • Notification management (possibility to classify them)
  • Inclusion in sidebar listings of marseilletourisme.fr

- Resto Offer - 30€/month or 300€ per year (2 months free)

  • Daily special menu module
  • Posting on the market place
  • Daily newsletter routing of your dish of the day
  • Restaurant menu (coming soon)

- Special offer for associations/non-profits : Contact us

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How do we work to adapt ourselves even more to your needs and expectations?

Aware that our service will continue to evolve to keep pace with all the new technologies that will be introduced over the years at the heart of our daily lives, and adapt them to your needs and expectations, we are already developing brand new features that will enhance your experience in our reference directory on Marseille and its surroundings.

Very short-term development:

  • English version of the directory
  • Advertising with end date (allows you to push information like an event)
  • Directory search engine
  • Sponsorship module
  • Inclusion of professionals on the marseilletourisme.fr website (sidebar and map)

Short-term development:

  • E-commerce module (sale of services and products)
  • Creation of an algorithm to classify files
  • Improvement of the search engine (joining of the guide and the directory)
  • Special mobile application for professionals

Medium-term development:

  • Mobile application for users with self-generated routes
  • Gamification module for users
  • Virtual wallet payment

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