Some history

Not many people know that this statue, which everyone commonly calls " Le David ", is a replica of Michelangelo's famous work. From the 16th century, it was made of Carrara marble. You can admire the original at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy.

This statue differs from the usual representations of David. He is commonly represented with Goliath to symbolize their famous battle. It is told in the Bible to illustrate the victory of a simple shepherd who, thanks to his faith and courage, defeated a ruthless giant over 3 meters tall. The sculpture immortalizes David here before his fight, with the famous slingshot in his hand. The statue was carved and offered to the city by the marble sculptor Jules Cantini in 1903. However, it was not moved to its current location until the 1950s.

Cantini is not the only one of his family to have been immersed in art and sculpture in Marseille. His father, a mason of Italian origin, had demolished the aqueduct at the Porte d'Aix and his brother Pierre has his own decorative sculpture workshop on the rue des Beaux Arts. After his brother's death, he took over his brother's workshop and received many orders. His talent was quickly recognized and he was called upon to participate in the construction sites of Notre Dame de la Garde and the Cathedral of the Major, among others.

The statue of David: a rallying point for the locals

David is more precisely posing, in the 8th arrondissement of Marseille, on the Prado roundabout, at the crossroads between the Promenade Georges Pompidou, the Avenue Pierre Mendès France and the Avenue du Prado. With its 4 meters high, it is the perfect meeting point.

In Marseille, we meet at the David. Located at Le Prado, not far from the beaches, it is the landmark that announces the sea, the beach, swimming but also surfing sessions....

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