Discover the history of the Jardin de la Magalone

The Jardin de la Magalone is located at the center of the elegant boulevard Michelet. It is this kind of place that the locals try to keep secret but cannot resist sharing it. A true haven of peace a stone's throw from the hustle and bustle, you sometimes have the feeling of being in a private property so quiet is it, in this beautiful and rarely visited garden. A walk in nature that will make it an ideal park for children.

Why Magalone? It was the name of a wealthy Marseilles merchant who gave his name to the property, which is now the heritage of the city of Marseille. It is a typical Provençal bastide built between 1790 and 1810 following the plans of Pierre Puget (famous sculptor, painter and architect from Marseille). It was included in the register of historical monuments in 1948.

It is also where the Cité de la Musique is located. Surrounding the 17th century Bastide, more than 1.4 hectares of garden and to the south, a chapel. The current site of the Magalone Garden has been gradually eaten away by urbanization over the centuries, losing a large part of its territory. However, the garden, which is characteristic of the classic period parks, is particularly remarkable in many regards.

First of all, it is a masterpiece of Provençal gardens of the time.
The composition was made according to the plans of Édouard André, the famous French landscape gardener. The garden enhances the bastide but is still worth it to discover. From the bastide, two terraces extend towards the garden. Two fountains representing the Rhône and the Saône as well as numerous decorative stone elements decorate the garden, just like these four statues representing the four seasons.

The visitor is protected from the hustle and bustle of the city, both so close and so far away, by the groves surrounding the property. On both sides, rows of tulip trees confirm the geometric composition of the garden. A serene, poetic and romantic place, or a real treasure for art and history lovers, everyone will find a good reason to go and especially to return to this peaceful spo. Athletes interested in running in Marseille will not regret the effort in one of the most beautiful gardens in Marseille! Marseille Tourisme also considers those who just want to enjoy a nice walk in Marseille: have you considered renting a segway? Once you're on it, all you have to do is let yourself be rolled! And for the more traditional ones, you will have the choice between renting bicycles or the bikes that the city makes available, kinds of Vélib de Marseille.

Also consider taking a look at the opening hours of the Jardin de la Magalone, which change according to the month!