Located in the heart of Marseille's city centre, Malmousque is a village in the 7th arrondissement that contains many treasures from the former days of Marseille. We like to get lost in the maze of its alleys with names as evocative as the "Traverse de la Fausse Monnaie", or the "Rue va à la Calanque". These are all small and tortuous and all seem to lead in one way or another to a small cove or small fishing port. The district is so quiet that it has its French Foreign Legion rest center. As well as the Bains Militaires, a seaside complex reserved for the military and their families. Throughout the Malmousque coast, there is plenty of hidden treasures.

Whether it is the view of the magnificent Endoume archipelago, Degaby Island or the tasting aspect with two of Marseille's most prestigious restaurants to discover the local specialities. The water is very clear, far from the "basins" that can be Les Catalans, La Pointe Rouge or Le Prophète beaches and even more if you consider that you are a stone's throw from the city centre. The area is very widely frequented by regulars. It is not uncommon for the most assiduous to take over a piece of rock that they sometimes go to the point of fitting out in order to install parasols and fishing rods. Swimming in Malmousque is not only the guarantee of a good day at sea, but also a dive into the picturesque old Marseille.
So called because it is located under the restaurant of the same name, which is also one of the most famous in Marseille, Le Petit Nice is a meeting place for regulars who frequent the place all year round.
Yes, we even swim in the Petit Nice in winter. During the estival season, everyone looks for a piece of rock to put their towel on. The lack of space allows for a certain proximity that is never unbearable due to the rugged relief of the rocks. While access to the sea is not difficult, it is not recommended for children and the elderly. Rocks can be very slippery and/or sharp.
On the Malmousque peninsula, next to the right of Petit Nice, there is a sheltered cove with a small pebble beach accessible by stairs. However, in the summer months, putting your towel in this small creek is a real feat. La Fausse Monnaie beach, located next to the small port of the same name, is a tiny cove with a few rocks. A good alternative if the space around is not available.