Published on Feb. 4, 2019 by Juliette Besnard

What would Marseille be without its Cours Julien? This district is located on the heights of the 6th arrondissement between the Plaine and a few minutes from the Old Port.

What would Marseille be without its Cours Julien? This district located on the heights of the 6th arrondissement between La Plaine and a few minutes from the Old Port. It is known as the district of artists, rebels and Marseilles hipsters. Indeed, this district is a harmonious mix of rock and reggae sounds, and a soft and calm atmosphere. Merchants and residents have created a lifestyle: cool and free. We suggest you to walk with us in the artistic district of Marseille.

An alternative walk in the heart of Marseille

Open your eyes wide, there are things to see in each corner of this neighborhood! We start our walk with the famous stairs of the Cours Ju. Here you can find the Art Association Gallery l'Antre de Monde. As its name suggests, this staircase symbolizes the entrance into a world apart, the Cours Ju, which is immersed in an alternative culture. We like to stroll through the colourful graffiti walls, its cobbled streets leading to small restaurants, local bars, vintage and rock clothes, tattoos, an organic market on Wednesdays, a playground for toddlers... You can do everything at Cours Ju, there is something for everyone!
It is a pleasant place to live, which is dynamic and allows the people of Marseille to express their art and their lifestyle in the heart of the city!

Do you like street culture? Forget Miami, come to the Cours Ju asap! It is the strength of the neighbourhood and its identity. In June 2018, the Departmental Council took the initiative to finance the embellishment of 200 facades by graffiti artists from the Massilia Graffiti collective. Creative initiatives such as the M.U.R. of the Juxtapoz association, or the Marseille Street Art Show festival are set up to highlight the city's street culture.

Our best spots

To get out: the Espace Julien or the Baby Club are essential places in Marseille's nightlife. Or emblematic bars such as Au Petit Nice or Idfix.

To eat: Cours Ju is a cosmopolitan district that includes restaurants of all nationalities. La Cantinetta is the local Italian restaurant and the famous Bistro du cours, which combines traditional french food and southern dishes.

To get a tattoo: Everyone has their own style! The Course includes many tattoo artists and piercers with different styles. The Dead Cat Tatoo or the Filou Tatoo Crew are famous salons in the area.

For shopping: the Cours Ju is the designer's district for all prices. You can completely do a makeover in a vintage style at Space Vintage or at Marcel and Simone. Or in a more London retro-rock style at Timomo.

For the whole family: all year round, La Baleine Qui Dit Vague offers shows dedicated to storytelling, as well as a cinema. For film lovers, previews or even cinema meals, debates and workshops are regularly organised.

It's a world apart in the heart of our Phocaean City!