The subway in Marseille? Simple and efficient!

We give you all the essential information you need to make the Marseille metro your best ally in your discovery of Marseille!



Line M1 of the Marseille metro | La Rose <> La Fourragère

The M1 line of the Marseille metro was the first in the Phocaean city. It connects 18 stations over 12.7 km: La Rose <> Frais Vallon <> Malpassé > Saint-Just <> Chartreux <> Cinq Avenues - Longchamp <> Réformés - Canebière <> Saint-Charles <> Colbert <> Vieux-Port Hôtel de Ville <> Estrangin <> Castellane <> Baille <> La Timone <> La Blancarde <> Louis Armand <> Saint-Barnabé <> La Fourragère. It was inaugurated in 1977.

Find the crossing times of the M1 La Rose - La Fourragère line..


Marseille Metro Line M2 | Bougainville <> Sainte-Marguerite-Dromel

The Marseille metro line M2 connects 12 stations over 8.8 km: Sainte-Marguerite-Dromel <> Rond-Point du Prado <> Périer <> Castellane <> Notre-Dame du Mont <> Noailles <> Saint-Charles <> Jules Guesde <> Joliette <> Désirée Clary <> National <> Bougainville. The new station Capitaine Gèze - La Cabucelle will soon be added to the M2 line. The M2 line was inaugurated in 1984 by Gaston Defferre.

Find the crossing times of the M2 Sainte-Marguerite-Dromel line <> Bougainville.


Marseille subway prices and subscriptions

Do you take the metro for a one-way trip, a round trip, for a month or for several people? Buy in the Metro and Tramway distributors, in the RTM Saint Charles and Espace Clients Bourse points of sale and in the RTM authorised dealers the card or subscription that meets your expectations!

Occasional travel | Rates :

1 trip card (solo): €1.50 (+ €0.10 the first time for the price of the reloadable card). The 1-trip card is 1 hour of connection but only 1 trip by metro.

2-trip card: €3 (+0.10€) This card allows you to make 2 connecting trips throughout the RTM network.

10 trips card: €13.40 (+€0.10) This card allows you to travel 10 times in correspondence throughout the RTM network.

Group 4 people card: 4,80€ A card that includes 4 tickets for 4 people.

24-hour XL pass: €5.20 Ticket valid for 24 hours from the first validation on the RTM and Transmétropole network.

XL 72h pass: €10.80 Ticket valid for 72 hours from the first validation on the RTM and Transmétropole network.

City Pass: (24€ for 24h / 31€ for 48h / 39€ for 72h) Move around Marseille while enjoying tourist services. You can buy the City Pass at the Tourist Office, in the "Citypass" ATMs of the Old Port and Saint-Charles Station stations and also on the Port ATM located at the entrance of the cruise ship terminal.

To find out more about the conditions, preferential rates and special cases: go on RTM metro cards..

Subscriptions | Rates :

You live in Marseille or stay for a while on holiday, find out about the different subscriptions:

The permanent XL Pass is a monthly subscription with a minimum duration of 12 months. The rates:
37,10€/month for all
18.55€/month with reduced transport allowance for an employee
18,30€/month for a person under 26 years of school, students, trainees in vocational training, apprentices, civic service in the MPM zone
18.55€/month for CMUC beneficiaries and uncompensated unemployed people under 26 years of age
14,70€ scholarship holders and children large family

The annual XL Pass is a one-year subscription paid in one go. It lasts 365 days. The rates:
446€ for all
223€ employees
220 € young people -26 years old
223€ CMUC beneficiaries and unemployed -26 years old
178€ scholarship holders or children large family

The 30-day XL Pass lasts 30 days from the first validation. The rates:
46€ for all
23€ employees, CMUC beneficiaries and unemployed -26 years old
36,70€ young people -26 years old

The XL Pass 7 days. For a period of 7 days:
13,70€ for all