Niolon: a precious jewel from the Côte Bleue

In the middle of the Côte Bleue, the Niolon cove is located between l'Estaque and Carry le Rouet. The small port has some houses and shops. Renowned for its underwater depths, Niolon is a delight for diving lovers.

A diving center also occupies a former military fort. The view is also remarkable over the whole bay of Marseille and Friuli. A small path accessible from the port allows you to climb up the cliff to have a better view of the Niolon cove.

This picturesque cove has a small peaceful beach. You can also discover the adjacent creeks, which are also worth a visit: the creeks of La Vesse, Les Jonquiers and L'Erevine.

For hiking enthusiasts, we recommend hiking between Ensuès-La-Redonne and Niolon. It will take you to the Niolon Fort, from where you will have a breathtaking view.

After a well-deserved walk, Niolon's restaurants will be perfect for a gourmet break in this magnificent setting.

To get to the Calanque de Niolon, we advise you to take the Train de la Côte Bleue, which will take you along the coast and make you discover the calanques of the Côte Bleue and magnificent landscapes!

And why not opt for a boat rental and sail along the coast to discover all the creeks of Marseille?

Join Niolon:

Take the road to Le Rove, between Ensuès and Le Douard, go down the road to Niolon. Access to the cove is via a small path that winds through the scrubland. The municipality organized a screening in view of the high traffic.

From May access is regulated on weekends and public holidays.