Carcès, a Provençal village

Small medieval village in the Var region, Carcès is built on a hill surrounded by forests and vineyards. Located close to Le Thoronet Abbey, it is the ideal destination for a family holiday in Provence. You will love strolling through the narrow streets of the old town, as well as tasting the local wine while visiting the cellars. The medieval city center has been renovated and the small stone houses and alleys have an enchanting charm. The glazed tile facades are a rare and true masterpiece, characteristic of the Var. Many craftsmen will welcome you to their colourful shops. A small haven of peace in the heart of nature, Carcès is one of the most beautiful villages in Provence.

The medieval castle

Typical village in Provence, Carcès is a medieval village with its narrow stone streets steeped in history, winding in a spiral around the remains of the castle. It was built in the mid-15th century and has the particularity to have hosted Louis XIV and his court on February 23rd 1660. Destroyed during World War II, it includes today an open-air theatre and an exhibition hall. 

The Fontaine d'Ajonc lake

A stone's throw from the city, the Carcès Lake is a magnificent 100 hectare lake with more than eight kilometers of shoreline. A true paradise for fishermen, it is constantly refreshed by the four rivers flowing into it. Swimming is not allowed for safety reasons, but it is the perfect place to have a picnic after a long walk. Moreover, did you know that the lake has the particularity of providing water to the Var city of Toulon?

The woods and forests surrounding the village offer beautiful shaded walks where you can come and get some freshness.

he legend of the Cabro d'Or

In the past, in Provençal villages, it was said that there were no peasants without goats. Goats were everywhere, even present in the streets. In the morning, the shepherds used to go to the public squares with their goats to sell fresh milk. Later, they used to come back to sell the curdled milk. Nevertheless, it was said during the evenings that there was one goat that no one had caugh. It was the Cabro d'Or! Farmers said to have seen it near a cave, sometimes on a hill, sometimes near a cave. This "fairy goat" was the only one who had the secret of a treasure's hiding place, but to get it you had to catch it first.

Legend goes back to the time of the Saracens and claims that on full moon nights and Mistral's evenings its silhouette appears in the castle stones and by following it it leads directly to the famous treasure of the Golden Cabro, known to be buried by the Templars... So if you come to visit Provence and walk in Carcès on a full moon and Mistral evening, do not forget to have a look at the old stones. You never know...

Staying in Carcès

If you love green spaces and enjoy nature, a stay in the small village of Carcès will give you a break from the hustle and bustle. For your stay, why not take a holiday rental in a hotel apartment or holiday residence? And for those who wish to be on their own, there is no shortage of holiday homes in the region and will allow you to change a little from the usual hotel rooms.