Fox-Amphoux and its prehistoric remains

The name Fox-Amphoux comes from the Provençal Fos Amfos, the castrum of Fors is mentioned since 1097 in the map of the Saint-Victor abbey in Marseille. The castrum of Amphoux appeared in 1233 and was abandoned around 1471, in favour of the one of Fox.

Fox-Amphoux is a small village typical of Provence, built on a hill at an altitude of 540 meters, at the gateway to the Verdon. The view of the surrounding hamlets and mountains is magnificent and worth a look. The castle and its ramparts are in ruins, but you can admire the narrow streets and alleys built in steps (called calades) as well as the many old houses built around the parish church. Moreover, if you like to walk in the Provençal villages, Marseille Tourisme offers you a selection of the most beautiful villages in Provence.

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The village's heritage

Thanks to its rich historical and prehistoric heritage, Fox-Amphoux attracts many visitors every year.

Dinosaurs are part of the "heritage" of the village where the excavation sites are known all over the world. How about a journey back in time some 72 million years? Then go visit the Fox-Amphoux Museum! Dedicated to dinosaurs, it allows you to discover many exceptional species. The bones are from the village's excavation sites, which lasted almost twelve years. Rhabdodon, Variraptor and other Strutiosaurs will have no more secrets for you....