The Provençal Venice: Isle sur la Sorgue

It is a must-see destination if you plan to visit Provence. L'Isle sur la Sorgue, a small village typical of Provence, is crossed by many canals fuelled by its river: the Sorgue. This is what gave it the nickname of "Venice comtadine".

The water of the Sorgue has always played a crucial role in the city's history. First of all for the defence of the city, since the waters were used at that time as a ditch for the ramparts surrounding the city. But also for survival through fishing. Water control is also used to turn oil, wheat and paper mills, but also for wool mills and dyeing factories... Enjoy the legendary lifestyle of Isle sur Sorgue by strolling along the canals, walking along the old narrow streets, while admiring the work of the big paddle wheels (more than 62 in all!). You will have the feeling that time has been stopped! This makes it the perfect place for your next stay: fishing, walks, swimming....

L'Isle sur Sorgue is immortal because of the attraction it provoked among many artists and poets such as Petrarque and René Char. For this one, Hôtel Campredon or Maison René Char presents to the public a collection of manuscripts, drawings and paintings that once belonged to him.

L'Isle sur Sorgue is also the Provençal capital of antique dealers, with more than 300 of them living there. The city's fantastic historical heritage attests to its importance in the 14th century Venaissin region.

Don't miss the collegiate church of Notre Dame des Anges, absolutely exceptional with its baroque interior.

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