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Increasing your visibility requires thoughtful and well thought-out communication. Press releases have the advantage of providing you with an additional means of communication through which you can present your work, and thus make yourself known or recognized by everyone and attract, why not, a whole new clientele. We propose you to take advantage of our notoriety and our communities (4 million expected visits for 2019, 30,000 fans on social networks), by being highlighted on our site. We share your article on our different communication platforms and you benefit from a wide distribution reach.

I want my press release

What is the point of a press editorial published on our website?

By choosing to publish a press editorial on, you benefit from a quality natural referencing. But what is natural referencing? This is called the rise in Google's search results. If there are many parameters that enter into the ranking you get in search results, be aware that links from other sites to yours, and the repetition of certain keywords, will allow you to gain visibility on the search engine. Also, the press release is an ideal tool if you want to perfect or improve your natural referencing. In addition, has an active social networking community and is very interested in discovering new activities in Marseille, start-ups, concept stores and others. As soon as it is published, we share the press release on our Facebook page, in order to add to the already wide scope of your article thanks to 4 million visits to the site and 30,000 fans on our various networks.

I want my press release

How is your press editorial created?

We offer two options:

  • The first is to write your press editorial on your own. You must then fill in your content, links and images that you want to see appear in the article (3 possible links including an image link), using a form specially designed for this purpose. We then process your request within 48 hours, and the press release is published in the Zoom On section of the site's blog. For this option, count 350€ HT per press release.
  •  The second option is to write the press release by our web editorial teams. Used to this type of request, our team will take care of creating quality content thanks to a certain amount of information you provide us via this form. We will then write and publish your press release. In this case, count 400€ HT per item.

Where does your press editorial appear?

It is published in the Zoom On category of the blog. Also, it is highlighted in the section that is his at the bottom of the home page and remains accessible without time limited in time from the blog of the site.

I want my press release

To go further...

The press release is the assurance of effective communication and will have a real influence on your natural referencing. But more than just a simple press release, is now offering you the opportunity to register in our directory. Benefit of a real site in our site, and share your good tips, job offers, offer yourself an establishment file followed by a large number of visitors, and be highlighted according to the interests or position of the user. The directory is a simple and inexpensive way to keep all your time for your regular and new customers obtained through a communication managed by us. To find out more, it's here!