Shopping malls

Marseille has many shopping centers that offer you a wide variety of settings. A shopping trip to the Grand Littoral will also give you a magnificent view of the sea, as well as the very trendy shopping centre of the Terrasses du Port. Les Docks located just in front of it, is a very interesting place because of its architecture and history. Not far from there, as you go up to the Old Port, you will pass in front of the Voûtes de la Major. La Valentine is located to the east and will offer you many brands. Finally, the newly opened "Prado" shopping center, located near the Velodrome Stadium, will give you the opportunity to go shopping after a visit to the Prado beach.

In addition to shopping centers, Marseille offers a large number of boutiques, including both major and small local stores. There are many bars and restaurants nearby where you can have a drink or a bite to eat before returning to your hotel.

Shops and handicrafts

Shopping in Marseille is a bit like the sociology of the city. It is built around the famous rue Saint Ferréol where you can find all the most famous brands. Climbing up rue Paradis towards the Prado, we move up in the range with more "luxurious" brands. The more alternative or "bohemian" tendencies are easily found on the Cours Julien and La Plaine, while rue Sainte keeps its trendy and sharp audience.

For tourists, it is possible to find all the traditional, Provençal and artisanal products in temporary markets in and around the Old Port. Marseille has many markets scattered throughout the city and its shopping districts are numerous. Each one will immerse you in a particular atmosphere.

Thus we can divide shopping in Marseille into several areas. But don't forget that in order to visit Marseille you have to explore, each alley can have a surprise...

And why not think about renting a segway for your next shopping trip?

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