Notre Cane... Cane... Canebière

La Canebière is of course a must-see for both tourists and Marseilles residents. However, the time when people used to come to La Canebière for shopping is over. Still, it remains an obligatory point of passage, and many famous shops are resisting. For example, the Torréfaction Noailles has been in business since its opening in 1927. The coffee scents and the retro side will seduce you. On the edge of Canebière and Cours St Louis is the famous Toinou, a seafood specialist, shellfish platters to enjoy on the spot or to take away.

Nearby you will find the Maison de l'Empereur, which is said to be the oldest drugstore in France. A combination of tradition and innovation, the products range from knives to kitchen accessories, lifestyle, drugstore, hardware, lighting, etc. This is the sixth generation to succeed since 1827. A family business that has become a solid institution in the same premises while maintaining family values.

Noailles is a popular district with an popular, lively and colourful permanent market. Dedicated to food, the market offers unbeatable prices. Oriental and African products, spices, fruits, vegetables, halal butcher shops, the small streets are always very busy in a friendly and commercial atmosphere. Marseilles residents, as well as tourists, crowd in the narrow streets full of products. A little detour is required.


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