Published on Feb. 4, 2019 by Juliette Besnard

The electric scooters are coming into the Phocaean city, and they're already invading us! We explain how it works!

They are everywhere!

People of Marseille, forget the bus, the subway or the tram, you can now have fun on the streets of Marseille at the controls of your electric scooter! Set up by the Californian company Lime, they are available in self-service in "free floating" (without a station) on the sidewalk.
For the moment 100 scooters are available, but by next month 500 more will be launched in the center of Marseille and the platform will continue to increase by next summer.

Use and prices

Don't worry, it's not difficult to take a scooter, everything is well organized! Just download the Lime application and you will have access to a map of Marseille to geolocate the scooters. The application also shows you the number of scooters available, their charge level and allows you to book them online. When your journey is over or you run out of batteries, take a picture of where your scooter is and it is immediately blocked. At 8pm, curfew, the service stops and the company picks up the scooters dispersed throughout the city.

Perimeter: scooters are concentrated in the center, from Mazargues in Sainte-Marthe, to Saint-Julien. To prevent vandalism, if a scooter exceeds the authorized limit, an alarm is sent to the company.

The price: €1 to unlock the scooter and 15 cents for one minute of use. Also keep in mind that after 50 km the scooter will be discharged. The company will then come to recharge them and put them back into circulation.

But where to go? The government is working on a decree that will regulate traffic permits by this summer. For the moment, scooters are on the sidewalk... Pedestrians, beware of drivers, these scooters can go up to 25 km/h!

Positive points for the City of Marseille

Thanks to scooters, the city gains in non-polluting mobility, which will eventually reduce the use of many other polluting transport modes.
Lime will also offer employment with about twenty people mobilized and even more afterward!

Trying the scooter is like adopting it!