Published on Feb. 27, 2019 by Juliette Besnard

We like to take a nap in the south... Eating, drinking, playing the petanque, walking, seeing the family... All of this is tiring! A nap is therefore required and should even be mandatory!

In the south and especially in Marseille, a nap is a way of life that requires a certain amount of preparation. It's part of the religion of the Marseilles people: " slowly in the morning and not too fast in the afternoon "!

Slowly in the morning and not too fast in the afternoon

You don't do anything with a nap, it's a religion with its traditions! We explain how to practice the " nap attitude " properly!








The nap of Vincent Van Gogh in Saint-Rémy de Provence








Choose the right time: as soon as concentration at work drops, or you have experienced intense stress or your eyelids close. The best time to rest your mind is during digestion, after lunch.

Choose the right duration: the shorter the nap, the more effective it is! Take a "flash" nap between 10 and 20 minutes of rest. And don't forget to set the alarm clock!

Choose the perfect spot: In the south, the atmosphere is perfect for a nap! Everything is here to do us good! The south is Zen, the south is beautiful!
Whether you are in a park, lying on the grass heated by the sun and rocked by the song of the cicadas. Or at the edge of a tree in a small corner of fresh shade, to read! Or on the beach, with his body buried in the hot sand, with a light breeze, the sound of waves and seagulls. Or in a district of Marseille or in a park, after a rosé on the terrace or a game of petanque. Or on your hammock or on your soft sofa at home or at the office. Everyone has their own universe to enjoy peace and quiet! As long as the place is quiet!

Choose the right position: A nap is also a question of well-being. A nap can be counterproductive, so be sure to adopt the right position.
To avoid waking up with muscle pain, we give you the right positions to adopt! The best position is lying down, legs along the body. If you are sitting, make sure your head is slightly tilted, resting on a headrest or other. You must feel good, comfortable in your position. Your body should be relaxed and breathing slow.





La Siest'in:


In the Prefecture district, you will find the very first nap bar in Marseille! It is possible to eat, drink and then take a cabin to sleep! It's the restaurant La Siest'in! 6 cabins decorated in different atmospheres, with camp beds, mattresses, deckchairs or hammocks at your disposal. Price: 5 € per half hour. It has been 4 years since this bar concept opened its doors, and the number of sleepers is still increasing!







So no, people from Marseille, you are not lazy people but people who take care of their bodies and minds!
It's noon, it's time for a break! Have a nice nap!