Anse de la Maronaise and its beach

The small La Maronaise beach is located in the cove of the same name, just before the Cap Croisette, between Les Goudes and a stone's throw from the Baie des Singes. In the past, Anse de la Maronaise was known for the presence of its nightclub, which has been destroyed following the application of the Loi Littoral law in 2010. To get there, the cove is not easily accessible by bus: only bus 20 will drop you off nearby. By car, you will have to take the winding road from Les Goudes to Baie des Singes. To park, you can go to the free car park located between Les Goudes and Callelongue.

You will need to get there early to have a place during the summer season. If the road passes close to the beach, the place remains wild, calm and pleasant. Another positive point, especially known by the locals, is that this sandy beach is not very crowded, especially in summer. It is still not well known by tourists and you should have no trouble finding a place for your towel. Bordered by rocks, you can take refuge there to find a little freshness and tranquility on busy days. The cove attracts local families who are looking for a swim in Marseille but it is also the spot for underwater fishermen!

For diving enthusiasts, you can see the frames of the "Mahonne", a round barge that has been lying on the seabed for over 50 years, just at the entrance to the cove. It is also to him that we owe the name of the cove. For nature lovers, know that Erica Multiflora, a singular species of heather, grows there during October and November.

Also consider renting boats during your weekend in Marseille. You will be able to discover the beaches of Marseille more easily and why not have lunch in one of the restaurants on the beach.

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