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That's it, you need a vacation and you want to go away for a few days? Don't go any further, Marseille is the perfect destination for a cheap holiday! Whether it's for a family or friends vacation, there is plenty to do!

Marseille Tourisme offers you an ideal itinerary to discover and visit the most beautiful treasures of the Phocaean city. This itinerary will immerse you into Marseille's history and the life of the locals. To begin, visit the History Museum (at the Centre Bourse), which will mark the starting point of this tour by retracing 26 centuries of existence in the oldest French city. No less than 4000 pieces are on display, and about a hundred multimedia resources await you. Continue your visit by heading towards the Quai des Belges on the Old Port for a visit of Le Panier, a historic district of Marseille. Stroll through the alleys, meet the local merchants, rest in a shaded square and let yourself be lulled by the laughter of the children "kicking" in the soccer ball.

One of the main attractions of the walk, the MuCEM, an exceptional cultural site, the first decentralized national museum!

Welcome to the MuCEM

The visit continues with your arrival in the most incredible building of recent years: the MuCEM. In 2016, the Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean celebrates its 3rd anniversary. In 2015, no less than 700,000 tourists were seduced by the collections on display. A major contributor to tourism in Marseille, it is also one of the driving forces behind the local economy and employment.

The MuCEM is also one of the jewels of French architecture. The museum, designed by Rudy Ricciotti, is set up like a coral out of the water thanks to the finely serrated concrete. It is an architectural feat that allows visitors to enjoy beautiful light and sea air, while being protected from the wind.

Suspended walks between sky and sea, sun loungers, in addition to a place of culture and history, the MuCEM becomes the ideal place to relax during the visit. It is one of the most beautiful gardens in Marseille with its magnificent view over the port and the sea and its flowered terraces.

The MuCEM is also today the Fort Saint Jean, a historical monument with free access. With a breathtaking view of the entrance to the Port of Marseille, Fort Saint Jean is appreciated by all Marseille residents. Since the 17th century, he has a view over the constant comings and goings of ships. 15,000 square meters divided as follows:

The Weapons Square
The Historical Route
The Garden of Migration
The News Gallery
The Georges-Henri Rivière building
The chapel

Find all the practical information here: discover the MuCEM or on the official website for current exhibitions: Remember to take your tickets at the ticket office to avoid queues.

Visit of Le Panier district

By walking or by the Petit Train, a visit to the oldest district of Marseille, le Panier, is a must and highly recommended. The picturesque alleys give way to sumptuous historical monuments such as the Vieille Charité or the Cathédrale of the Major. Le Panier is also the district of artists, graffiti artists, painters, sculptors, many workshops and galleries take place in the historic heart of Marseille. For families, we particularly recommend the Petit Train de Marseille, which will take you on a guided tour to discover the monuments of Marseille and its history.

This walk through the historic districts, discovering essential places will allow you to learn more about the city and its history. Walking in Marseille is a real pleasure and you are not safe from surprises throughout this itinerary: small shaded terraces, superb street arts, magnificent views... You will not regret your visit to our beautiful Phocaean city!

Hike Path

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  • Distance: 7.24 kilometers
  • Difficulty:
  • Duration: 1 hours to 2 hours

Points of Interest

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Esplanade J4

Profitez d'une balade sur l'esplanade J4, proche de la Villa Méditerranée et du Mucem. Avec son cadre exceptionnel en bord de mer, prenez part à des événements exclusifs !

Les Augustins Church

Les Augustins church in Marseille is located on the Old Port. Easily recognizable by its immaculate white facade, it dates from the 13th century.

Marseille Cathedral

It's the Cathedral of Marseille! Its real name is Cathédrale Sainte-Marie-Majeure, but we locals call it La Major. Standing proudly from the quays, it's the first thing the sailors see when they arrive in Marseille.

Marseille City Hall

The Marseille City Hall is a symbol of the city. Influenced by the Genoese palaces, it stands majestically in front of the Old Port with its typical silhouette.

Marseille History Museum

Discover the rich history of Marseille through a multimedia system that brings together all the major dates of the Phocaean city. You will thus relive the different periods that marked the city, and the remains of past civilizations.

Notre Dame des Accoules

It is one of the oldest churches in Marseille. All we see now is the bell tower, so recognizable, and so important to the people of Marseille. Destroyed several times, it was rebuilt in the 18th century.

Old Town of Marseille (le Panier)

In the heart of Marseille, this lively district will amaze you. For families, know that the Petit Train de Marseille offers a guided tour to discover the Panier district.

Saint Laurent Church

The Saint Laurent church dominates the pass of the Old Port. It is traditionally the parish of the professions of the sea. It is closely linked to the history of Marseille: it is one of the oldest churches in Marseille.

The Daviel Pavilion

The Daviel Pavilion is the former town hall of Marseille. It was also where heads were cut off during the revolution. Today, it is more peaceful and this place full of history deserves a stop during your visit to the Phocaean city :)

The Fort Saint Jean

The Fort Saint Jean was built to defend the port of Marseille. It was also used as a commandery by the Knights Templar during the Crusades. It is an essential monument of the Phocaean city!

The Jardin des Vestiges

Located on the old Roman port, the jardin des vestiges allows you to see Marseille in the ancient period with its ramparts. It is an archaeological treasure.

The Maison Diamantée

The Maison Diamantée is with the Hôtel de Cabre one of the oldest buildings in Marseille. It is the last vestige of the patrician houses of Marseille.


The Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations: it is more than 40,000 m² dedicated to exhibitions around the Mediterranean world in all its diversity. Divided into 3 sites, you can access it from Fort Saint-Jean and discover a view of all of Marseille.

The Old Charity

The Vieille Charité has a place in the hearts of all Marseilles residents. An emblematic place in the heart of Le Panier, it has become a place for meetings and exchanges.

The Old Port

Emblematic site of Marseille with its sardine which is actually a boat that blocked the Old Port. Walk along the Old Port, let yourself be transported. You will enjoy the terraces of restaurants and cafés throughout your walk.